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Lucy Shadoyan

EU Logistics Officer

Ensuring that the right products are delivered to the right location on time across the EU, while planning routes and processing shipments, Lucy spends most of her time doing the two things she has always been best at: planning and organising. And with a passion for communication and a knack for offering creative solutions, Lucy has built great relationships with VRC clients in the short time she has been at the company (joining the team in 2016) following studies in Business Administration in the UK.

Facilitating smooth business operations, enhancing business development and ensuring customer satisfaction, Lucy enjoys working in a fast-paced innovative industry as she manages order cycles from start to finish, ensuring the client is kept in the loop every step of the way. Liaising with clients from all corners of the globe, she takes pride in offering new and creative solutions for any difficulty that may arise in a market that is always in flux.