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VRC enjoys world-renown for top-quality meat. The company buys and sells fresh and frozen pork for manufacture, retail and catering.

Founded in 1998, VRC is a member of the international Van Rooi Group but enjoys its own independent worldwide network, and is widely recognized as a strong global player in the meat world.

Closely monitoring the meat market and cultivating excellent relationships with key international producers across Europe, adhering to all European regulations and standards surrounding production and ethics, VRC sources prime meat from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Spain.

Boasting a dynamic, knowledgeable and highly professional multilingual team, VRC is always prepared to respond to all requests for prices, specifications and any other customer inquiries. With a reputation for its expert logistical services, professionally organized documentation systems, flexibility, and full transparency, VRC is fully equipped to meet the demands of even the most discerning customer in any market around the world.


since 1998

Managing Director

Armen Meserlian

Managing Director

Armen Meserlian

Managing Director

A perfectionist at heart and natural born leader, Armen has been fuelled by a passion for hard work and success for as long as he can remember. From a young age, many described him as the perfect salesman. Others say his strength of character, energy and charm made him really stand out, as he fine-tuned his people skills while working as a waiter in the hotel industry in the USA and Cyprus, alongside studies in Marketing at the University of Indianapolis.

Following two years in PR and Quality Control in a five-star hotel, Armen joined VRC in 2005.
He now enjoys the position of Managing Director since 2013, having worked his way up the career ladder from his initial role as Sales Manager, facilitated by his excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and unwavering drive. And although he takes it all in his stride, describing the moment he joined VRC as a “coincidence” as his CV landed in the hands of the previous director, every day presents great challenges and interconnected opportunities.

A real visionary, Armen has helped VRC grow from strength to strength, ensuring the company always remains at the top of its league. To this end, he spends much of his time closely following market trends, travelling the world, and exploring new meat markets, while overseeing the daily activities of the VRC team and ensuring that the demands of each and every customer are fully catered to. And when he does have a little spare time, it’s his family that that take pride of place, with his love for football coming in second!

Sales Department

George Andreou

Sales & Account Executive / Team Leader

Alex Onutu

Sales & Account Executive / Division Romania

Raluca Tarita

Sales & Account Executive / Division Romania

Accounting Department

Georgia Chatzidimitriou

Administration / Accounting

Lucy Shadoyan

Accounting - Team Leader

Cristina Alexandrescu

Administration / Accounting Division Romania

Marketing & Operations Department

Victoria Kirova

Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Logistics Department

Christos Katsiantonis

Logistics Coordination / Team Leader

Chara Ioannou

Administration / Export

Adelina Mitrea

Logistics Coordination/ Division Romania